Hack Your Perception! and Build Greater Visions for Your Business

What Is Perception?

"Perception is a process by which people regard, analyze, retrieve and react to any kind of information from the environment."

To hack your perception into greater visions in your personal or business career, you need to aim for a greater reach, Kanye West says it better as "Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud." .

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When we talk about changing or hacking our perception, firstly we focus mainly on the analysis of the present and the future, what is and what it can be, what we have today and how we can utilize effectively and get something better tomorrow... many who find it hard believing in themselves or in achieving a massive goal or dream have never really thought about the possibilities of hacking their perception, maybe this article could help them with that.

What Is Hacking ?

"the gaining of unauthorized access into a system".

Gaining access unauthorized, into your perception could seem funny cause humans process thoughts independently, and one can only wonder how to authorize an access into our own thoughts and imaginations.

Having an unauthorized access into your thought system could mean allowing yourself to delve into bigger, better imaginations patterns than usual and thinking of possibilities, solutions, a way around, that could move your current business Project, Vision or Goal to fruition.

Basically having a time to "allow yourself" is the deciding factor for manipulating your thoughts, this can have a massive impact on how successfully you will hack your perception, this is the window where the process of building that work-around for your new business model or solution comes from.

"Relax, Take A Deep Breath Re-Think."

With you taking the aforementioned details and practices into consideration, you could move up to the next phase of the hacking.

Building Greater Visions for Your Business Goals

Get a pen and a paper, a jotter, whatever you can easily pour out your expressions on, do not go to your desktop, your smartphone or laptop, you need something that you can transcribe from thought process to written or descriptive form, e.g. Writing or Drawing of diagrams, images or system flows.

When your ideas flow from your new found thoughts, you also flow it down into these chosen material like an ocean to a river, do not forget that when having this process you're better off alone in solitude, you do not want your kids, friends, colleagues or co-workers to disturb your divine hacking. 

We created a problem solving map and tracker for you. If you're currently on a problem solving journey, you're in luck, we created this with you in mind.

TFE Business Development (Problem Solving Map)

You're now on the road to Greater Visions, a Greater Future, a Bigger Project, a more Air Tight Solutions, a smarter Business Model than that of your competitions out there. Take it by the horn and ride that bull to success.

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