Understanding Your Goals In Business and a Blueprint on How To Execute Them!

Understanding our defined goals is something that should be done in our businesses and most especially in our lives, as we proceed into new stages and new frontiers we often make new plans and set new goals.

According to Inc.com, 92 percent of people don't achieve their goals even after setting one, one of the most known reasons is because they don't set specific or defined goals. This is mostly found in new businesses, within new staffs or amongst newbie entrepreneurs that are still trying to take off in their respective fields.

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Understanding your goals go beyond setting them or even planning them, it's more like having in-depth researches of what your goals really are, what they can accomplish in the long run and strategies that would be used or could be used in achieving them.

An example of Understanding Your Goals In Business can be related to as follows...  Let's take for instance an entrepreneur who owns a Clothing Boutique "NINA'S BOUTIQUE", both a physical store and also an established online social media presence, and she sets her goals for the second quarter of 2019 as follows...

NINA'S BOUTIQUE 2019 Q2 GOALS (April -July)

1. Increase in Sales
2. Introduce New Clothing Collections
3. Hire New Sales Rep.
4. Brand Clothing Tags
5. Open 3rd Branch

Stating her goals is as important as understanding it, in the process of Understanding the first goal she dives into basic and in-depth research of (How to Increase Boutique Sales), now let's assume she comes out with this results

Research:  How to Increase My Boutique Sales

Answer 1: Improve My Marketing Strategy

★ How? 
- Inculcate Improved Digital Marketing into my marketing techniques by consulting TFE Technology™ here

- Announce Give Aways on my social media pages, through Refer and Win Promo's to enhance and maximize my audience reach and exposure

- Run an online advert of a Video Slide Show of all my new collections by consulting TFE Technology™ here

- e.t.c

★ Answer 2: Enhance My Customer Service 

★ How? 
- Introduce a new dedicated e-mail address or phone number where customers can lay complaints, feedback or give suggestions on all my products, services and outlets

- Create a database of my old and new customer phone numbers in an excel sheet and send weekly Bulk SMS reminders of our latest and arriving collections through the help of TFE Technology™ here

- Train your Sales Reps. and Staffs on standard ethics of customer services and interactions by giving them follow up exercises and reviews.

- e.t.c.

Now with this few little information, Nina has gotten new ways and techniques to improve her business just by her basic research in trying to understand her first goal, which was (Increase In Sales).

After going through the process of understanding what her goal entails and methods to attain that goal, she can now easily apply them and increase sales in her boutique by the end of her deadline.

That'll be all on today's edition on The Frenzy Empire Business Development discussion, if you need further consultation or you have questions about this particular episode quickly send an email to our business development team here.

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